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About YUS from the founder and CEO Sergey Lovtsov

Since the foundation of the Patent and Law Firm YUS, we have sought to promote the creation of Russia has a civilized intellectual property market. Our goal was to create conditions under which intellectual rights are reliably protected, effectively protected, and their owners confidently develop their business in an atmosphere of creativity and fair competition.

For more than a quarter of a century, the Patent and Law Firm YUS  has been the leader of the Russian market of legal services in the segment of intellectual property protection. In 1994, the basis of the established company was made up of specialists The State Committee of Inventions of the USSR and the State Patent of the USSR, who at that time had experience in the field of legal protection of inventions, industrial designs, trademarks and technology transfer. Over the past years, our country has changed, market practice has come closer to world standards, which was immediately reflected in patent legislation, the importance and evaluation of the work of patent attorneys has increased, and finally, a new generation of patent professionals has grown up.

Today we are proud to say that the Patent and Law Firm YUS  has passed a huge way to become one of the market leaders. For our clients, which include leading Russian and international companies, we create islands of tranquility, helping them to fully use their intellectual property and realize its potential.

The role of the company YUS is also noticeable in the development of international cooperation. Thanks to our extensive international relations, Russian companies are able to reliably protect their intellectual property in almost any country of the world, and foreign companies – in the market of Russia and the CIS countries.

When we are asked about our mission, we responsibly and proudly say that we strive to give our customers peace of mind, confidence, a sense of security, competitive advantages, and opportunities for the development of innovative business in a turbulent world. In short, we open the way for our clients to ensure that both business and creativity bring them joy.

Thank you for your trust in the expertise of the Patent and Law Firm YUS!

Sergey Lovtsov
General manager


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