Elimination of “patent threat” for the client to continue its business in the field of environmental safety

May, 2022

As a result of the judicial protection of the rights of Atmosphera LLC, the manufacturer of gas cleaning equipment, by YUS’s specialists – Vera Stukalova, Deputy Head of Patent Department and Pavel Yasnitsky, Senior Lawyer of Legal Department, – the Intellectual Property Court confirmed the legality of the Russian PTO’s decision to invalidate the Russian patent №2423200 for the manufacturing method of collecting electrodes of an electrostatic precipitator (invention).

This patent had protected the obvious technical solution of how to increase the manufacturing accuracy for the elements of the known form by changing the succession of the known operations. By holding this patent, one of the three Russian manufacturers of industrial gas cleaning equipment tried to limit the possibility of doing business for the other two companies.

So, 3,5 years ago the patent holder claimed a 5 million ruble compensation from Atmosphera LLC for infringing the exclusive right to this invention. In order to eliminate any doubt of the Russian PTO and the Court about its lack of invention, YUS’s specialists had to file a series of objections against issuing the said patent and to pass several rounds of judicial protection.