Patent and Law Firm YUS announces the expansion of cooperation with the Italian law firm De Berti Jacchia

December, 2018

De Berti Jacchia Law Firm is rightly proud of the oldest and well-known intellectual property practice in Italy, in particular in the field of patents and trademarks, especially in the field of pharmaceuticals and biomedical developments, the production of durable goods, as well as in the fashion and luxury goods industry. Patent and Law firm YUS has been a leader in the field of intellectual property in the Russian Federation for more than 20 years. The company’s professional team of Russian and Eurasian patent attorneys and lawyers provides services on all issues related to the legal protection, protection and commercialization of intellectual property in Russia and abroad. The companies have long and closely cooperated through the Moscow office of De Berti Jacchia and intend to continue to develop successful joint activities.

Since January 1, 2019, the companies are entering a new level of cooperation, in which the head of the legal department of the Patent and Law Firm YUS, the patent attorney of the Russian Federation Maria Lovtsova, specializing in the protection of intellectual property rights and litigation, will support De Berti Jacchia as a permanent adviser. The activities of the Russian office of De Berti Jacchia are provided by Senior Lawyer and Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation Olesya Nalimova and lawyer Ekaterina Boldareva.

According to Roberto Jacchia, Senior Partner at De Berti Jacchia: “By entering into close cooperation, we intend to strengthen our presence in the Russian market, where we have been active since the early 90s through our Moscow office, which is currently headed by Armando Ambrosio. YUS is a true leader in the field of intellectual property both in the Russian Federation and in the CIS, and we hope that, thanks to our cooperation, we will be able to provide our clients in Italy and abroad with an even better and wider range of services in the field that we consider extremely important.”

Andrey Svistov, Executive Director and Partner of  YUS, said: “We, in turn, look forward to strengthening the partnership that has already lasted for more than ten years, and would like to further develop the trusting relationship between YUS and De Berti Jacchia, in order to protect the interests of customers in their respective fields of activity.”