Protection of Russian Electrode Manufacturer’s Rights and Invalidation of Russian Patent No. 2423200

September, 2021

An action for the infringement of the rights to Russian Patent No. 2423200 has been filed against our client, a Russian electrode manufacturer. The owner of the disputed patent requested the cessation of the use of the invention protected under the patent and claimed multimillion compensation for the infringement. YUS’s team conducted an in-depth investigation of the state-of-the art and revealed documents disproving “the inventive step” of the invention under the patent. On August 31, 2021, an opposition prepared by YUS was upheld by Rospatent, and Russian Patent
No. 2423200 was deemed invalid in full.

As a result of the invalidation, the owner of the disputed patent lost its exclusive right to the disputed invention, which is the ground for dismissal of the infringement action.