Trademark of the Dutch company Rockwool International A.S. is recognized as well-known despite of the Russian PTO’s initial refusal

February, 2022

The lawyers of Patent and Law Firm YUS – Head of Legal Department Maria Lovtsova and Senior Lawyer of Legal Department Tatiana Koltsova – managed to cancel in the Intellectual Property Court the decision of the Russian PTO, which refused the world-famous Danish manufacturer of construction products based on rock wool Rockwool International A.S. in recognizing the company’s trademark Товарный знак Rockwool as well-known (Case No. SIP-1148/2021). The court supported the lawyers’ position that a party obtaining the right to a well-known trademark should not carry out all the stages associated with the introduction of goods in the territory of the Russian Federation – production, promotion and sale of products, – so that a consumer associates this trademark with the activities of this company. This calls for an applicant to be the source of origin of such goods. In this case, the confirmation is that Rockwool International A.S. fully owns Russian legal entities that manufacture and promote its products.