Foreign Patent and Trademark Department defended in court the trademark registration of Fats and Oil Integrated Works JSC in Uzbekistan

Former unscrupulous distributor has for a long time infringed the exclusive rights of Fats and Oil Integrated Works JSС in Uzbekistan by continuing to produce products labelled Oliv’ez after the termination of the license agreement between the two companies. Antimonopoly Committee had repeatedly established the fact of illegal use of the Сlient’s trademark and issued orders to stop the infringement. Currently YUS (the project is managed<...>

YUS’s specialists were recognized by WIPR Leaders rankings

YUS’s specialists were included in the list of the world’s best IP practitioners by WIPR Leaders rankings. Sergey Lovtsov, the company’s Founder, Managing Partner and Director General was recognized in Patents and Trademarks categories. Also, in Trademarks category WIPR Leaders ranked Andrei Svistov, Partner and Executive Director and Maria Lovtsova, Head of Legal Department.

Elimination of “patent threat” for the client to continue its business in the field of environmental safety

As a result of the judicial protection of the rights of Atmosphera LLC, the manufacturer of gas cleaning equipment, by YUS’s specialists – Vera Stukalova, Deputy Head of Patent Department and Pavel Yasnitsky, Senior Lawyer of Legal Department, – the Intellectual Property Court confirmed the legality of the Russian PTO’s decision to invalidate the Russian patent №2423200 for the manufacturing method of collecting electrodes of an<...>

Foreign Patent and Trademark Department managed to repress unfair competition in relation to Fats and Oil Integrated Works JSC in Kazakhstan

Under the management of Elena Shchelkunova, Head of Foreign Patent and Trademark Department, YUS’s team successfully completed the case on behalf of Fats and Oil Integrated Works JSC in the competition authority of Kazakhstan concerning the identification of signs of unfair competition in the actions of a competitor. Fats and Oil Integrated Works JSC is a part of Rusagro Group and the largest margarine producer in<...>

Specialists of Foreign Patent and Trademark Department managed to register the client’s trademark in Turkey despite the objection of the local company

ALLİANCE KOZMETİK SANAYİ VE TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ, the owner of the MIMOZA trademark registered in relation to Class 03 goods of International Classification of Goods and Services, filed an objection at the Turkish PTO against the registration of the MODEST MIMOSA trademark for the perfume of the Swiss company and YUS’s client – C.P.C. Creative Perfume Company Holding SA. The opposing party’s registration does not specify<...>