Welcoming the new brand identity of YUS

September, 2021

We are delighted to announce our brand-new corporate style! Modern, austere and yet bright – the mix perfectly characterizing YUS. Driven to provide supreme IP solutions for our clients, YUS helps convert their Intellectual Property into a truly valuable and well-structured asset to meet their business needs.

It is not all about the cover. Over the last years, YUS has put significant efforts in creating a brand-new IT infrastructure aimed to provide comfortable remote access to a workspace for its team and facilitate effective and seamless collaboration with clients and partners across the world. What we offer to our clients is intellectual property case management software, which allows for storing case-specific data as well as monitoring deadlines without fail. We have also updated our in-house policies and increased the involvement of specialists with different expertise in the solution of specific tasks.

With the improvement of business processes, YUS proves to meet the highest standards of quality and service. Our clients are offered international level services for a fairly reasonable pricing, and YUS’s new corporate style, we worked hard on and put our hearts in, serves to demonstrate our commitment to our values and priorities.